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CNC Vertical Machine Center Processing Accuracy Error And Countermeasures Five

Nov 11, 2019

cnc vertical machine center

The machining accuracy of CNC vertical machine center is mainly as follows: the surface roughness of the inner hole is high, the inner hole of the hinge is not round, the position of the hinged hole is out of precision, and the inner surface of the hole has obvious facet and reaming. The center line of the rear hole is not straight, the aperture is enlarged, the aperture is reduced, and the like.


The following ALLES CNC takes you to understand the reasons for the machining accuracy of the CNC vertical machine center and the countermeasures five - the center line of the hole after the reaming is not straight.


The center line of the hole after the reaming is not straight

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Cause: CNC vertical machine center occurs when machining holes, the center line is not straight. Possible reasons may be: hole inclination during drilling, especially when the hole diameter is small, because the reamer is less rigid, the original curvature cannot be corrected. The main angle of the reamer is too large and the guiding is poor, which makes the reamer easy to deviate in the direction of reaming, the inverted cone of the cutting part is too large, and the reamer is intermittently displaced at the gap in the middle of the hole.


Solution: Increase the hole reaming or boring procedure to correct the hole, reduce the lead angle, adjust the appropriate reamer, change the reamer with the guiding part or lengthen the cutting part, and pay attention to the correct operation.

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