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CNC Vertical Machine Center Steps

Nov 21, 2019

cnc vertical machine center(alles cnc)

CNC vertical machine center steps:


1. To simplify positioning and installation, each positioning surface of the fixture should have a coordinate dimension relative to the machining origin of the vertical machining center.

2. In order to ensure that the part mounting direction is consistent with the workpiece coordinate system and machine coordinate system selected in the programming, the fixture and parts should be oriented.

3. It can be disassembled in a short time and becomes a fixture suitable for new workpieces. Since the auxiliary time of the CNC vertical machine center is compressed to a short extent, the loading and unloading of the support jig does not take much time.

4. The CNC 3 axis machine center fixture should have as few components and high stiffness as possible.

5. The clamp should be open as much as possible, the position of the clamping element can be low or low, and the mounting fixture does not interfere with the tool path of the step.

6. Ensure that the machining content of the workpiece is completed within the stroke range of the spindle.

7. For CNC drilling and tapping machine centers with interactive workbenches, the fixture design must prevent spatial interference between the fixture and the machine as it moves on the table, on, support and rotation.

8. Try to do all the processing in one setup. When it is necessary to change the clamping point, special care must be taken not to damage the positioning accuracy due to the replacement of the clamping point, if necessary in the process documentation.


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