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Comparison Of Robots And CNC Machine Tools

Jun 21, 2019

With the development of technology, the use of manpower is becoming less and less, and robots are gradually growing. Now follow the footsteps of ALLES CNC to see the comparison between robots and CNC machines.


Accuracy may be the most important parameter for CNC machine tools. If the accuracy of the machine is not high, it is impossible to produce a high quality product. With the development of technology, the accuracy of machine tools and their tools is constantly improving, and high-end machine tools can achieve accuracy in the range of 20-50 microns, or even better.

However, it is important to note that the accuracy of the robot depends on "good calibration." Because robot calibration often depends on the user, more emphasis is placed on “repetition” rather than accuracy in the robotics industry.

2. Maximum processing space

When it comes to the size of the processing space, CNC machine tools also have advanced industry leaders, such as flat lathes that are more than ten meters long and larger than two elephants. However, most CNC machine tools have limited space and can produce small workpieces.

Industrial robots are different, they usually have a larger working space. A medium-sized robot has 7 to 8 cubic meters of operating space. In addition, you can increase the spatial extent through the robot's outer shaft (rotary table or track).

3. Flexibility, versatility

Perhaps the biggest advantage of industrial robots is its flexibility. You can easily use it to do different things. CNC machine tools are generally only good at the same kind of work, such as milling, rotary grinding, drilling and so on. An industrial robot can accomplish all of these tasks.

4. Rigid

The rigidity of the processing tool affects the accuracy of the product. A low-rigidity tool can shift when it encounters a hard material, which can result in inaccurate tool travel trajectories. Robots are less rigid than CNC machines, typically less than 1 Newton/μm, while CNC machines are typically 50 Newtons/μm.

5. Value for money

Both CNC machining tools and industrial robots can be costly. However, the two major advantages of the robot: a large processing space and high flexibility means that the same robot can be used to process multiple geometries, multiple volumes or multiple materials. Robots can bring more added value.

In conclusion

Can industrial robots surpass CNC machines? It is ok in many applications.

If your application requires high precision and stability, CNC machines cannot be replaced. However, within the limits of accuracy, robot processing will be a better choice if you need more equipment flexibility, greater operating space and lower equipment costs.

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Comparison of robots and CNC machine tools

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