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Comprehensive Application Of Pitch Compensation And Dip Compensation

Oct 10, 2019

In practical use, because of the instability of the geometrical accuracy of the machine itself, the pitch compensation is more ideal in one direction, the difference in the other direction is larger, and even the error curve crosses. If only the pitch compensation is used, the compensation ability is limited, and the accuracy of the machine tool cannot be met. We can consider using the compensation method based on the pitch compensation and the sag compensation as the auxiliary, and the machine precision can be adjusted to the best state as much as possible.


First, the pitch is routinely compensated for this axis (not repeated here). Then perform single-axis sag compensation, mainly modifying the following places in the dip compensation table. (n = the actual axis number to be compensated)



$AN_CEC_DIRECTION(0)=(1, 0, -1)


Pay attention to two points:

1) INPUT AXIS and OUTPUT AXIS must be selected on the same axis at this time.

2) In the selection direction DIRECTION, select the direction in which the pitch compensation effect is not ideal.

Finally we axis back to the reference point. Combined with pitch compensation and dip compensation, it can be clearly seen in the axis adjustment interface of the 840D diagnosis part that the pitch compensation is effective in one direction, and the data of pitch compensation and dip compensation in the reverse direction is effective at the same time.


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