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Customer Ordered CNC Plate Drilling Machine

Aug 21, 2019

Today, the CNC Plate Drilling Machine ordered by Indian customers has been assembled and is waiting for customer inspection.

plate drilling machine(alles)

ALLES CNC is a leader in the CNC industry. Based on the principle of production transparency, it strictly enforces high standards, high quality and high efficiency production modes. The production of machine tools follows visualization and transparency. After a series of processes such as drawing, production and casting, High Speed CNC Plate Drilling Machine has been assembled and waiting for customers to inspect. High-speed PLATE DRILLING MACHINE is a precision machine tool integrating mechanical, electric power, wild duck and numerical control. It is mainly used for machining flanges, heat exchangers and tube sheets. CNC machining, high efficiency, high precision and convenient programming. easy to use.

The inspection and production of ALLES CNC engineers has won unanimous approval from customers and looks forward to the next cooperation between ALLES CNC and Indian customers.

More details: www.allescncmachine.com

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