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Customers From The Indian Trade Industry Visited The Factory Of ALLES CNC

Apr 24, 2019

On April 20th, ALLES CNC's factory welcomed distinguished guests, who are customers from the Indian trade industry, and came here to visit the ALLES CNC factory.

During this visit, the staff gave a detailed introduction to ALLES CNC's products to customers in India, including CNC machining centers, milling machines, and other products that are currently sold by ALLES CNC. After that, customers in India discussed the products with engineers at ALLES CNC. Manufacturing and use details as well as industries that can be used, such as the steel structure industry. Customers in the Indian trade industry not only sighed during the exchange: “ALLES CNC is not only the manufacturer of CNC machine tools, but also the thinker of CNC machine tools!” Customers from India believe that ALLES CNC is China's outstanding CNC machine tool manufacturer, also China. Benchmarking and microcosm of the CNC machinery industry.

After a day of visits and exchanges, Indian customers learned about our ALLES CNC products, and through the previous understanding, we are full of trust in our ALLES CNC service. Finally, there is no doubt that the Indian trade industry customers reached with ALLES CNC. The consensus of cooperation, hand in hand, and determined to achieve a win-win situation between ALLES CNC and Indian customers.

Customers from the Indian trade industry visited the factory of ALLES CNC_1

Customers from the Indian trade industry visited the factory of ALLES CNC_2

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