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Daily Maintenance And Maintenance Of CNC Milling Machine

May 28, 2018

The CNC milling and machining center is an advanced equipment that integrates machine, electricity, and hydraulics into a single, high automation process, complicated structure, and high price. In order to fully realize its benefits, it is necessary to do regular maintenance and maintenance work. The CNC system has fewer failures, that is, it tries to improve the average time between failures of the system. The main maintenance and maintenance work has the following contents:

(1) The CNC milling and machining center operators should be familiar with the machinery, numerical control device, hydraulic pressure, pneumatics, etc. of the equipment used and the specified use environment (processing conditions), etc., and must strictly follow the requirements of the machine tool and the numerical control system instruction manual. Reasonable use, try to avoid failure due to improper operation. For example, for the operator, he must understand the stroke size of the machine, the spindle speed range, the power of the spindle drive motor, the size of the table, the size of the table load capacity, the speed of the motorized feed, the maximum tool size allowed by ATC, and the maximum Tool weight and so on.

(2) Before operation, it must be confirmed whether the spindle lubricant and the guide rail lubricant meet the requirements. If the lubricant is insufficient, add the appropriate lubricant according to the required grade and model. At the same time, make sure that the air pressure is normal.

(3) Air filter cleaning. If too much dust accumulates in the air filter of the digital control device M, the cooling air in the cabinet will be blocked and the temperature in the cabinet will be too high, making the system unable to work. Therefore, you should regularly check the cleaning according to the surrounding environment. When there are dust and oil on circuit boards and electrical components in electrical cabinets, they should also be cleaned in time.

(4) Check the electrical components regularly. Check for malfunctions such as poor contact, short lines, and short circuits due to electric shocks to the plug, socket, cable, and helium relay.

(5) Replace the memory battery regularly. Part program, partial S data and system parameters exist in the CMOS memory of the control unit. The contents of the current bit M of the separate absolute pulse encoder are kept by the battery during shutdown. When the battery voltage drops to a certain value, it may be Loss of parameters. Therefore, check the battery voltage regularly. When replacing the battery, it must be done while the CNC is powered on.

(6) Long-term maintenance of CNC machine tools that are not used. When the CNC system is not used for a long period of time, the CNC system should always be powered on. When the machine tool is locked, it can be run empty. In the rainy season, the air should be powered up every day, and the electrical components themselves should be used to generate heat to drive away the moisture in the CNC cabinet to ensure the stable and reliable performance of electronic components.

(7) CNC milling and machining centers regularly check and inspect.

1. After the end of each shift, the operator shall clean the chips and grease scattered on the workbench, guide rails, etc. Before the work is completed, the servo axes shall be stopped after returning to the origin;

2, check to confirm whether the oil tanks meet the requirements. Each manual refueling point, according to the provisions of fuel;

3, pay attention to observe the machine guide rail and the surface of the screw with or without lubrication, so that it maintains good lubrication;

4. Check and confirm the operation condition of the hydraulic fixture and the spindle operation;

5. Observe the accumulation of dust at any time during the work, whether the cutting fluid system is working properly, and if there is serious accumulation of dust, it should be shut down;

6, if you leave the machine longer to turn off the power to prevent non-professional operation.

CNC milling machine is a kind of precise equipment. Only by insisting on the daily maintenance of small CNC machine tools can we extend the service life of components, prolong the wear cycle of mechanical components, prevent accidental and vicious accidents, and strive for long machine tools. Stable time. Therefore, the operation of the CNC milling machine must be done in three stages (definite, fixed, fixed); the operator must be professionally trained and skilled in operation, non-professionals must not move; before the operation must be confirmed that everything is normal, then re-installed Workpieces.