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Difference Between CNC Turning And Milling And CNC Machine Center

Feb 19, 2020

1. CNC turning and milling machine is a machine tool with B-axis linkage and C-axis linkage that can be used for turning and milling. It can be said that CNC turning and milling machine can complete all or most of the processing of a part. For small production lines. It can not only improve the accuracy of the product and the efficiency of processing the product, but also greatly save the floor space of the machine tool for the enterprise. In the past, it was necessary to complete one part on several machine tools, and now only one can complete all machining.



2. For CNC 5 axis machine center, it can only do milling and not turning. Therefore, there are many limitations when machining. Turn-milling compound can cover the processing of five-axis machining center, but the five-axis can not be processed by CNC turning and milling machine.

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