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Dip Compensation

Oct 09, 2019

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The sag compensation is mostly applied to the headstock ram of the boring machine or the cross compensation between the mast and the column. By adjusting the headstock, that is, the position of the Y-axis perpendicular to the column, the influence of the horizontal extent of the ram or the mast on the horizontal extension of the ram or the mast is eliminated to the utmost extent. As with the pitch compensation, the starting point position a is compensated, the end point b is compensated, and the interval distance c is compensated, so the number n of intermediate points to be interpolated is required, where n=1+(b-a)/c.


The specific steps are as follows:

1) Set the general parameter MD19300 COMP_MASK=4;

2) Set the general parameter MD10260=1;

3) Set the axis parameter MD18342 MM_CEC_MAX_POINTS[t]=n. After modifying this parameter, the NCK memory will be re-allocated and the “M4400” alarm will appear. At this time, make a system backup to the NC under the service menu.

4) Set 41300=1 to activate the compensation form;

5) After the NCK reset is performed on the system, the axis parameter loss alarm will occur. At this time, the NC backup load under step 2) is loaded into the NC system.

8) Copy "EEC_DATA" directly to a newly created backup document directory *.MDN under the Nc-Active-Data menu.

9) Find and open the compensation file form in the new directory, and change the corresponding compensation point directly in the table according to the data measured by the surveyor;

10) Set the axis parameter MD32710 ENC_COMP_ENABLE=0, and load the modified compensation table into the NC system;

11) Set the axis parameter MD32710 ENC_COMP_ENABLE=1 to do an NCK reset;

12) Both the reference axis and the output axis need to be referenced, and the new compensation data is valid;


You can see the data changes under "Diagnostics" ------ "Service display" ------ "Service Axis" interface.

Or take PAMAφ140 actual operation as an example, the W axis (slider) stroke +5mm ~ -700mm, the compensation starting point position a = 0, the compensation end point position b = -600, the compensation interval distance c = -100, then the interpolation is required The number of intermediate points is based on n = 1 + (ba) / c, that is, n = 7, and the number of cycles p = 7 - 2, that is, p = 5.

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The method of sag compensation is simpler than the pitch compensation, and can be completed without a laser interferometer. A level is placed along the direction of the ram feed, and the flat ruler is calibrated in the direction of the X-axis (bed workbench) and the Y-axis (headstock). Then, in the MDA mode, the feed is segmented in the negative direction of the W-axis at intervals of distance c, and the error value of each node is recorded. The measurement is repeated several times, and the average value of the error values of the points is written into the compensation table.


Another method for importing the pitch compensation and sag compensation table is to modify the compensation file format to be a machining program. When the compensation file is copied to the part program, the system automatically adds the file header, and then runs the program once in the AUTO mode.

The difference between the table of sag compensation and the table of pitch compensation is that the concept of reference axis and output axis is added, and the expression in the table is:

$AN_CEC_INPUT AXIS(0)=Ax4;4 indicates the axis number of the W axis.

$AN_CEC_OUTPUT AXIS(0)=Ax2; 2 indicates the axis number of the Y axis.

$AN_CEC_DIRECTION(0)=-1; negative direction is valid (1: forward, 0: bidirectional. -1: negative).


By comparing with the pitch compensation table, we can get the following revelation. The pitch compensation is only for single axis, and the compensation is effective in both directions. The establishment of our compensation curve must consider the comprehensive error in both directions and take the best balance point. The sag compensation introduces the concept of a reference axis, which can be either the axis itself or another axis, and the direction of compensation is also selectable. There is a lot of flexibility in our application.


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