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Disposable Mask Machine

Jun 02, 2020

Disposable mask machine, also known as: mask tablet machine, is a machine mainly used to automatically produce multi-layer flat mask products. It can use 1 to 4 layers of PP spunbond nonwoven fabric, activated carbon, Filtering materials, the entire disposable mask machine from the raw material feeding to the insertion of the nose line, edge banding, and cutting the finished product are all one-line automated operations. Depending on the raw materials used, different standards can be reached.

The disposable mask machine has stable overall performance, high output and easy operation. Disposable mask machine plus several inner ear band mask machine, outer ear band mask machine, strap type mask machine, ear band spot welding machine, can produce inner ear band mask, outer ear band mask, band mask and other forms of mask products.


Disposable mask machine is a fully automated production mask body, from automatic feeding, folding scene, hemming, ultrasonic fusion, slicing and other processes, to achieve a line of automatic operation, saving time and labor, the machine capacity can be as high as 100 pieces/min to 120 Piece/min.

Machine characteristics: The machine is compact, has a small resting area, small footprint, high stability, excellent performance, and the hopper can be automatically shut down. After changing the mold, a variety of masks and aluminum alloy machine structures can be produced. After the related oxidation treatment process, the appearance of the disposable mask machine is more sturdy and non-rusting, beautiful in appearance, clean and meets purification requirements, automatic tension control, and debugging Ultrasonic welding. The folding position can also be adjusted. The raw material coil can be adjusted to the left and right during the entire operation process. It can make single-layer and multi-layer masks, computer program control, photoelectric detection, higher reliability and low failure rate.

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