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Do You Know What The Coordinate System Of The CNC Machine Tool Is?

May 20, 2019

Regarding the tool setting instrument, ALLES CNC believes that everyone is familiar, but do you know what the coordinate system of the CNC machine tool is?

We say the coordinate system of the lathe tool setting tool: the machine axis coordinate is named as the coordinate system of the linear motion of the machine tool. The coordinate system is named X, Y, Z, which is called the basic coordinate system. The movements centered on the X, Y, Z coordinate axes or the coordinate axes parallel to the X, Y, and Z coordinate axes are called the A axis, the B axis, and the C axis, respectively, and the positive directions of A, B, and C are right-handed. The law of the spiral is determined.

Z-axis: The spindle that transmits the cutting force is usually specified as the Z-axis. For machine tools that rotate the tool, such as ALLES CNC Milling and Boring Machine, ALLES CNC Bridge type Milling Machine, ALLES CNC Gantry Type Milling Machine, ALFDV Flange Drilling Milling Machine, Angle Drilling Machine, etc., the axis of the tool rotation is called the Z axis.

X-axis: The X-axis is usually parallel to the workpiece clamping surface and perpendicular to the Z-axis. For machine tools with tool rotation, such as ALBVMC series Bridge type Milling Machine, ALBM series Worktable Moving Boring Milling Machine, the right hand direction is the positive direction of the X axis when viewed from the tool main axial workpiece direction, and the single column when the Z axis is vertical. Machine tools such as vertical milling machines are viewed in the direction of the main axis of the tool, and the right hand direction is the positive direction of the X axis.

Y-axis: The Y-axis is perpendicular to the X-axis and the Z-axis, and its direction can be determined according to the determined X-axis and Z-axis, according to the coordinate system of the right-hand right angle.

The definition of the rotary axis is also in accordance with the right-hand rule, rotating around the X axis to the A axis, around the Y axis to the B axis, and around the Z axis to the C axis.

The machine origin is the coordinate origin of the machine coordinate system. There are some fixed reference lines on the machine, such as the spindle center line; there are also some fixed reference planes, such as the work surface, the spindle end, and the side of the table. After the axes of the machine tool are manually returned to their respective origins, the position of the machine origin can be determined by the separation between the reference line and the reference plane on each axis component. This point is described in the instruction manual of the CNC machine.

Do you know what the coordinate system of the CNC machine tool is?

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