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Does JiNan Numerical Control Equipment Have What To Knife Method?

Nov 16, 2018

1, trial cutting method to the knife: trial cutting to the knife is the most commonly used method of knife. The following is an example of RFCZ12 lathe using MITSUBISHI 50L CNC system to introduce the specific operation methods.
Automatic tool matching method: Automatic tool matching is achieved by using the tool detection function configured by the CNC machining center. This device can automatically and accurately measure the length of each tool in each coordinate direction, and can automatically correct the tool error value. The whole process of detection and correction can be realized on the basis of the normal operation of the machine tool. This method is completely realized by electronic control devices, which excludes the error of the artificial knife, so that the accuracy of the knife is higher and the efficiency of the knife is better.
3, the knife instrument to the knife method: use the knife instrument to carry out the knife, because of its high economic type, is now the main method of NC machining center to the knife. The use of a knife pair knife can eliminate the error generated during measurement and greatly improve the accuracy of the knife. The off-machine knife instrument needs to be corrected outside the machine tool in advance, and then the knife can be used on the machine tool. The in-machine knife instrument is a method of measuring the tool directly on a fixed position of the machine tool. When processing other parts, only standard knives are required, which greatly saves time.