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Drilling And Tapping Center And Machine Center

Dec 23, 2019

machine center

Machine center and drilling and tapping center, literally, have the word "center", it can be seen that they are both a metal cutting machine tool, CNC machining equipment. In style and function, machining centers and drilling and tapping center are very similar.


Under normal circumstances, manufacturers that produce machine centers will produce drilling and tapping center, but manufacturers that specialize in producing drilling and tapping center will not necessarily produce other models of machine center. The drilling and tapping center is essentially a model that belongs to the CNC vertical machine center, because the drilling and tapping center itself is derived from the CNC vertical machine center.


Machine center refers to a rate automation machine composed of mechanical equipment and numerical control system for processing complex shapes. I believe that everyone knows them well, so I won't go into more details here. "Drilling and tapping center" is analyzed as "drilling": drilling or milling, "tapping": tapping, and "center": machine center. (The full name is roughly several: "Drilling and milling tapping center", "Drilling and tapping center", "Drilling and milling processing center", and "Drilling and milling center"). It is also derived from the traditional metal cutting machine-computer gong (machining center), so from the structural point of view, the drilling and tapping center is the same as the high-speed machining center. The drilling and tapping center and the high-speed machining center also have drilling and tapping and high-speed milling Function, the advantages of drilling and tapping centers in "drilling tapping" are superior to high-speed machining centers, and the fast-moving feed of high-speed milling is faster than flexible high-speed machining centers. For high-speed machining centers.


Machining center applications are more common, mainly used for processing plane, curved surface and other shapes of equipment. The drilling and tapping center is mainly used for drilling and tapping. The machining center can be used for milling, but the drilling and tapping center can only perform slight milling, because the spindle power of the drilling and tapping center is not very large, and it cannot perform heavy milling and heavy load processing. The shape of the drilling and tapping center is smaller than the machining center in shape; the shape of the drilling and tapping center is similar to that of a large turntable. In terms of selection of tool magazines, the machining centers are mainly bucket-type tool magazines and disc-type tool magazines, while the drilling and attack centers are mainly turret-type tool magazines and turret-type tool magazines. In terms of rapid traverse speed, the drilling and tapping center uses linear guides, and the rapid traverse speed is faster than the machining center. Machine tool processing efficiency is obvious.

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