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Factors Affecting The Cutting Speed Of Band Saw Blades

Sep 23, 2019

According to the life of the strip and the cutting speed, it is mainly based on the quality of the band saw. When the belt bed is in the best condition, the cutting of the band saw blade will be smoother, straighter and faster.


1. Look at the main driven wheel with the bed, the outer wear will be, the rim wear, the main driven wheel bearing will cause the belt to break and the band saw blade deformation.

2. Look at the guide wheel and the back pressure piece according to the bed test. The routine is bad, the appearance is worn out, and the guide wheel bearing and the back pressure piece are bad. The band saw blade will be broken, the strip will be scratched, and the cut surface will be skewed or bad. .

3. Look straight, is not straight with the workbench, up and down is not straight, is not straight with the jaws, the arrangement is not straight.

4. Look at the amount of hydraulic oil, the intermittent feed operation of the liquid surface is severely worn by the band saw blade or the band saw blade is broken: the system pressure is too high - the feed is too fast, the cutting is too slow, the filter is interrupted, and the feed is made into a belt. The saw blade is severely worn or the band saw blade is chipped, and the cutting is slow because of the lack of cutting feed force.

5. Look at the band saw tension, too high tension band saw blade broken or cracked, excessive wear on the main driven wheel bearing and shaft of the band saw; too low tension makes the cut surface skew.

6. Look at the rim, the rim and the back gap, with broken or cracked strips, excessive wear on the rim.

7. Look at the drive system. The running speed of the belt and tower wheel band saw blade is not suitable. The transmission case oil, transmission box noise, filter, etc. will cause the transmission case to be damaged.

8. Look at the sweet mouth. If it is worn, the cutting length will be inaccurate. For example, if the knife is cut, the cut surface will be skewed.

9. Look at the running speed of the band saw blade, which directly affects the life of the saw blade.

10. Look at the feed system. If the feed rate and feed pressure are too high, the feed force will be too high.

11. Look at the chip removal system, wire brush and drive mechanism. Excessive chipping during work can cause the saw tip to wear or crack prematurely.

12. Mainly look at the type of cutting fluid, the type of coolant, depending on the detailed use.

13. Look at the condition of the cutting fluid, the condition and flow of the cutting fluid, which will affect the life of the band saw blade.

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