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Factors For Smooth Operation Of CNC Milling Machine

Nov 29, 2018

Today from the external factors and its own factors to introduce to everyone to ensure the smooth operation of CNC milling machine factors.
Firstly, the requirements of keeping CNC milling machine running are introduced from the external factors of control.
1. Environmental requirements, the optimal use temperature of CNC milling machines is not more than 30 °C, the relative humidity is less than 80 %, generally there are exhaust fans or cold fans to maintain electronic components, especially the central processor operating temperature is constant or the temperature difference little change.
2. Location requirements, installation and use of CNC milling machines, to keep the surrounding environment away from the source of vibration, avoid direct sunlight and heat radiation, so as not to affect the stability and machining accuracy of CNC milling machines.
3. Power supply requirements, the power voltage fluctuation of the CNC milling machine must be controlled within the allowed range, and remain relatively stable, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the CNC system.
Then talk about the numerical control milling machine itself factors.
1. Cutting tools, in previous articles, have described in detail the importance of cutting tools to CNC milling machines, especially in the work of high temperature and high speed, the reasonable selection of cutting tools can greatly reduce the loss of cutting tools, but also protect CNC milling machines in disguise.
2. As the core part of CNC milling machine, CNC system can effectively deal with low operating speed and servo lag, and complete the characteristics of full tolerance control and automatic high speed operation in high-speed processing center; Due to the high speed operation of the CNC milling machine will produce a large amount of heat and pressure, the requirements for the spindle parts are very strict, it is recommended that everyone can use high temperature and high pressure bearing can withstand heavy load.
Of course, in addition to the points described above, when using the CNC milling machine, we must strictly follow the machine operation and maintenance instructions, and we can not arbitrarily change the factory parameters.