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Fighter In The Drilling Machine - H-beam CNC Beam Drilling Machine

Sep 16, 2019

H-beam is a commonly used profile in steel structures, buildings, bridges, three-dimensional garages, etc. The drilling method of H steel is now high-speed and high-efficiency. H-steel CNC three-dimensional drilling machine is the main processing of medium-sized steel drilling in steel structure industry. a. H-beam CNC three-dimensional drilling machine mainly includes bed, CNC sliding table (3), drilling headstock (3), beam, side pressing device, aerosol cooling, hydraulic system, PLC control system, chip conveyor, etc. Part of the composition.

gantry type beam driliing machine

The rigid box type gantry structure is based on the bed body, and the gantry is erected on the bed body and fastened by bolts, so that the force node is changed from the multi-point support of the frame type combined structure to the surface joint between the boxes, thereby Improve the accuracy and stability of high-speed CNC three-dimensional drilling machine.


ALLES CNC's CNC machine tool workpiece movement CNC Beam Machine Center (high-speed high-profile) mainly includes: ALBHD750/3A, ALBHD1000/3A, ALBHD1250/3A and so on.

Workpiece movement CNC Beam Drilling Machine (low speed) mainly includes ALBDL1000, ALBDL1250 and so on.

The above models are fixed by the bed and the movable structure of the workpiece. The ALGBD4010 gantry mobile CNC Beam Drilling Machine developed for the large-size CNC Beam Drilling Machine ALLES CNC adopts workpiece fixing and gantry moving structure, which can process H-beams with a single piece of 10 tons or more. Shaped steel.

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