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Flat Bed Lathe Configuration

May 28, 2020

Heavy-duty lathes and flat-bed lathes have extremely high stability, but compared with inclined bed turning centers or vertical lathes, they are more restricted in tool change and tool indexing capabilities. The large part / turret diameter makes the center frame and tailstock standard.

Flat bed lathes are usually easier to handle large parts. The "saddle-shaped gap" between the headstock and the bed is also very helpful to adapt to the increased turning diameter of the parts-hence the name "saddle lathe".

Large machine tools usually have a large-diameter headstock, and some headstocks may be equipped with double chucks to allow parts to be loaded through the headstock.

The length of the bed is usually far more than 4 m, and multiple center frames can be easily used. However, it should be noted that these are usually "fixed" center frames, and generally cannot be used in the same way as the hydraulically operated "rotary" type stabilizers commonly used on inclined bed machine tools or turning centers (the inclined bed design also Achieve simpler axial positioning).

Not all flat bed lathes are equipped with a chip removal device, so you need to consider how to remove the cutting. Sometimes, the front and rear are equipped with chip removal devices is ideal for reducing downtime.

Dota configuration

The turning process can be classified as a heavy-duty process that requires high stability. The first consideration is the design of the tool holder, not the turret itself. If the machine tool is to be equipped with an indexable tool holder, the VDI dovetail type tool holder (DIN 69881) can provide extremely high stability, and is the most sturdy for large cutting depth and heavy load processing, as well as the rigidity of long overhang deep boring bar clamping rigid solution. Common specifications are 115 and 140, 140 is preferred for heavy-duty cutting and long boring.

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