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Gantry Type CNC 5 Axis Machine Center Has Been Shipped Recently

Dec 13, 2019

gantry type 5 axis machine center

Recently, in the factory of SHANDONG ALLES ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, with the sound of the truck starting, an LMLJ1500 Gantry type CNC 5 axis machine center has been subjected to drawing design, construction, manufacturing, heat treatment, assembly, inspection, etc. The link has embarked on a journey to the hands of customers.


Gantry type CNC 5 axis machine center is a precision machine tool that integrates mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and digital control. The machining surface can be flat, curved, spiral, and hole. It has many cutting functions such as boring, milling, drilling, and tapping. The double pendulum five-axis head can be installed at one time and processed on multiple sides, which greatly improves the processing efficiency and processing type.


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