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Gantry Type CNC Machine Center In Aerospace

Dec 09, 2019

The aerospace industry has a wide variety of components, complex structures, diverse materials, and different performances, so it requires precise, stable, and multifunctional CNC equipment. The machine tools of SHANDONG ALLES ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD have the characteristics of complete varieties, beautiful overall shape, high flexibility, stable system, high precision, large torque, and multi-axis linkage. In order to further improve the processing quality of customers' products, we can provide more custom functions such as online inspection according to customer requirements.


Example: aircraft wing processing

Processing characteristics:

1. Materials are composite materials, difficult to process materials

2.Thin-walled parts are easily deformed

3. Strict requirements on form and position

4. The shape is complex, the shape becomes oblique, and the shape is mostly hyperboloid, which requires precise forming.

 Gantry Type 5 Axis Machine Center

The Gantry type CNC machine center of ALLES CNC fits exactly with the processing characteristics of aircraft wing processing:

1. Adopting heavy-duty roller linear guide, low friction, strong bearing capacity, low vibration at high speed, no crawl at low speed, high positioning accuracy;

2. The main castings have been subjected to finite element analysis, and the rib arrangement is reasonable, which fully meets the needs of high torque cutting of machine tools;

3. X, Y, Z three axes adopt HEIDENHAIN feed drive motor, good stability and reliable operation;

4.Double pendulum mechanical five-axis head can be installed at one time;

5. Multi-faceted processing.

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