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Have You Learned These Four Methods Analyzed By ALLES CNC?

May 29, 2019

There may be a lot of people who are experiencing such problems when operating CNC machine tools. For ALLES CNC's own customers, sometimes in the processing of PHP Plate Drilling Machine and ALFDV Flange Drilling Milling Machine, there will be such a problem. The cause has failed. Don't panic at this time, calmly analyze the reasons and judge the problems that occur in the machine. Next, ALLES CNC will introduce the method of reviewing the failure of CNC machine.

Have you learned these four methods analyzed by ALLES CNC?

(1) Intuitive method

When the CNC machine tool fails, the operator can analyze the fault through preliminary observation to determine the abnormal condition of the machine when the fault occurs, and try to reduce the fault point to a certain extent so that the equipment maintenance personnel can perform professional repairs.


(2) parameter detection method

The various parameters of the CNC machine tool are the basic conditions for ensuring the stable operation of the machine tool. Various parameter information is usually stored in the memory. When it is interfered by external factors, it may cause the CNC parameters to change, causing the machine tool to not work normally. For those machine tools that are placed for a long time, this phenomenon is obvious, so the inspection of machine parameters by professional maintenance personnel is the main way to find some system failures.


(3) Functional test method

The functional test method is to run a manually programmed function test program on the faulty machine to perform fault detection. Professional maintenance personnel can judge the cause of the failure of the CNC machine tool by checking the effectiveness of various functions of the machine tool.


(4) Parts exchange method

After determining the approximate failure of the machine tool, the professional service personnel can repair it by means of the component exchange method. In the state where the external factors are good, the faulty parts are replaced with the same type of electronic components, thereby judging and eliminating the fault location.


(5) Principle analysis

The principle analysis method is based on the working principle of the numerical control machine tool, and uses an oscilloscope or a multimeter to analyze and compare the parameters and levels of each point to judge and eliminate the fault. This method has high requirements for the professional ability of equipment maintenance personnel and the mastery of circuit principle technology. At the same time of fault diagnosis, the fault part control circuit diagram must be drawn to facilitate troubleshooting.

Have you learned these four methods analyzed by ALLES CNC?

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