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Horizontal Machining Center What Are The Advantages?

Feb 24, 2021

Horizontal machining center is suitable for complex machining of box parts. It can automatically exchange tools during machining. It can be used for milling , drilling, reaming, boring, reaming and tapping in one time. Modern machine tools and control concepts, compact structure design, to ensure high efficiency and high precision processing requirements for single or small batch products. Renishaw laser interferometer quality inspection on the horizontal machining center, density measurement and process control on the lathe, every shipment must be inspected, each equipment must be inspected, to ensure the linear position, velocity, angle, true flatness, parallelism and verticality to calibrate the machine tool.

Horizontal machining center The linear guide of the horizontal machining center includes 6 sliders and 4 sliders to ensure accuracy and rigidity.

Horizontal machining center workbench, chip conveyor, electrical system, hydraulic station, lubrication system, Automatic tool change equipment structure of the horizontal machining center. Low precision and high load-bearing worktable surface can support 2T.Turntable devicce device contains gears,so the failure rate is extremely low.CNC system can choose KANUC KND SIEMENS .Automatic tool change(ATC) can be equipped with 30 tools.The automatic tool change bracket is cast in one piece, very strong and strong, and easy to install.

Horizontal machining center What are the advantages?

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