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How Can CNC Machining Improve Workpiece Machining Accuracy And Machining Efficiency?

Jun 14, 2019

ALLES CNC's 8 categories of machines (CNC MACHINE, CNC MILLING MACHINE, CNC DRILLING MACHINE, CNC BORING MILLING MACHINE, CNC PUNCHING MACHINE, CNC GRINDING MACHINE, CNC TURING AND MILLING MACHINE, CNCSAWING MACHINE) meet the needs of mass customers, ALLES The machines produced by CNC were researched and tested. Now, ALLES takes you to know:

First, adjust the process system


(1) Trial cutting adjustment by trial cutting - measuring size - adjusting the tool's cutting amount - cutting cutting - retrying, and so on until the desired size is reached. This method has low production efficiency and is mainly used for single-piece small batch production.

(2) The adjustment method obtains the required size by adjusting the relative positions of the machine tool, the jig, the workpiece and the tool in advance. This method has high productivity and is mainly used for mass production.


Second, reduce machine tool error


(1) The rotation accuracy of the bearing should be improved

(2) Improve the accuracy of the parts with the bearing

(3) Appropriate preloading of rolling bearings

(4) Make the spindle rotation accuracy not reflected on the workpiece


Third, reduce the transmission chain transmission error


(1) The number of transmission parts is small, the transmission chain is short, and the transmission precision is high;

(2) Adopting the speed reduction transmission is an important principle to ensure the transmission accuracy, and the closer to the end of the transmission pair, the smaller the transmission ratio should be;

(3) The accuracy of the end piece should be higher than other transmission parts.


Fourth, reduce tool wear


(1) Re-grinding must be performed before the tool size wear reaches the stage of sharp wear

(2) Use special cutting oil for sufficient lubrication

(3) Tool material should meet the process requirements


Fifth, reduce the deformation of the process system


(1) Improve the rigidity of the system, especially the stiffness of the weak link in the process system;

(2) Reduce the load and its changes


Sixth, reduce the thermal deformation of the process system


(1) Reduce heat generation and isolation heat source of heat source

(2) Equilibrium temperature field

(3) Adopt reasonable machine component structure and assembly benchmark

(4) Accelerate to achieve heat transfer balance

(5) Control the ambient temperature


Seven, reduce residual stress


(1) adding a heat treatment process for eliminating internal stress;

(2) Reasonably arrange the process.


The above is the method of reducing the error of the workpiece, and the reasonable arrangement of the process can effectively improve the accuracy of the workpiece. In the CNC machine industry, ALLES's multi-series machines have achieved high precision and high efficiency production, and are suitable for a variety of industries. ALLES has a wide market at home and abroad, and the machines produced have been distributed all over the world. ALLES's products are diverse, with high precision and high efficiency as the goal, to meet the requirements of customers, with 24 hours of online quality service, always ready to visit our customers(For details, please click SHADONEG ALLES ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD).

How can CNC machining improve workpiece machining accuracy and machining efficiency?

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