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How Is Gantry Type CNC 5 Axis Machine Center Installed And Debugged

Dec 09, 2019

Gantry type CNC 5 axis machine center

1) Separation method. For the built-in feed of the motor or the movement of the main shaft, the coupling of the motor and the transmission mechanism should be loosened or hung in the neutral position, and they should be run at various speeds, and the cause of the vibration should be determined according to whether the motor is running smoothly. .


2) Parameter method. In a closed-loop system, due to improper setting (or adjustment) of parameters (such as loop gain, acceleration / deceleration time constant, etc.), oscillation may be caused, especially after the machine tool runs for a period of time due to changes in mechanical clearance. Parameters need to be readjusted. When a vibration fault occurs, some parameters should be appropriately changed, and at the same time, observe whether the vibration phenomenon has changed. Some of these parameters are given in the form of machine tool parameters, and some are adjusted using the potentiometer on the drive.


3) External driving method. For the vibration caused by the spindle operation of machine tools such as gantry milling machines, lathes, and milling machines, Gantry type CNC 5 axis machine center can use an ordinary AC motor (also can use a welding machine to drive the DC motor to change speed) through the coupling The device drives the spindle to rotate to determine the cause of vibration. Pay attention to the concentricity of the main shaft and the motor shaft. And release the brake of the spindle.


4) Current measurement method. Vibration failure caused by mechanical reasons usually causes torque changes. When the motor is running at constant speed and no-load, the current of the motor is measured and it can be judged by observing whether the change is consistent with the vibration.

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