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How Much Do You Know About CNC Flange Drilling Machine

Nov 25, 2019

ALLES CNC's ALFD series CNC flange drilling machine is mainly used in valves, pipes, chemical equipment and other industries. It is used for high-efficiency drilling of round workpieces such as flanges, discs and ring parts. It is high-precision and easy to operate. It is the main equipment for flange processing.

 cnc flange drilling machine(alles cnc)

1. The machine consists of bed, a cooling system, a hydraulic system, and an electrical control system.

2. The equipment can process many kinds of aperture and can adapt to a variety of specifications.

3. The equipment is a double power head high pressure cooling high speed drilling and milling equipment. The two power heads are independent of each other and are separated. They are independent working units during the work process. This structure enhances both efficiency and strength and Stability.

4. The equipment positioning precision, two axis numerical control Y and W axes, Z axis for manual, artifacts can work in the area to the center line of accurate positioning, to complete the work of drilling and milling, and can adjust the feeding speed , when bit away from the workpiece, bit fast feed, when a bit close to the workpiece, slow work into instead.

5. The equipment adopts the BT40 spindle which is produced in Taiwan.

6. The device electrical numerical control system, using centralized control.

7. Lubrication system uses decentralized lubrication, simple structure, convenient use and maintenance.

8. Equipped with automatic chip conveyor and high pressure cooling system.  


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