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How Should The Drilling Machine Be Maintained

Sep 25, 2019

drilling machine(alles cnc) 

Daily maintenance of the drilling machine (operator responsible)

Before class:

1. Wipe the dust on the exposed guide surface and sliding surface of the machine.

2. Lubricate the parts as specified.

3. Check the position of each handle.

4. Empty car trial operation.


After the shift:

1. Clean all iron filings.

2. Wipe all parts of the machine.

3. Parts are returned.


The first-level maintenance of the drilling machine (mainly the first-level maintenance operator, the maintenance worker assists, once a quarter)


First, the appearance

1. Wipe the machine's appearance, cover and accessories to achieve internal and external cleaning, no rust, no yellow robe.

2. Wipe the screw, rack and bevel gear.

3. Check the replacement screws, nuts, handles (balls), oil cups, etc.


Second, the transmission

1. Check each operating handle to limit the accuracy and reliability of the device.

2. Check and adjust the gap between each plug and platen.

3. Check the oil quality, measurement, and oil level to meet the requirements.

传动(alles cnc) 

Third, electrical appliances

1. Wipe the motor and electrical box to clean inside and outside.

2. Check if the limit device and grounding are safe and reliable.

 电机(alles cnc)

电气箱(alles cnc) 

Secondary maintenance of the drilling machine (mainly secondary maintenance workers, operator assistance, once a year)


1. Complete the contents of the first-level maintenance (according to the first-level maintenance requirements)

2.Transmission and guide

(1) Check and adjust each transmission component to repair or replace worn parts.

(2) Check and adjust the bearing clearance of the main shaft, remove the burrs from the taper hole, check the gear wear in the gearbox and the transfer box, and the noise in the bearing.

(3) during operation. If there is damage, replace it, adjust the spindle to make the turbulence Within the prescribed range.

(4) Check and adjust the clamping mechanism, and the positioning of each joystick is accurate.

(5) After checking the guide rails, remove the burrs, repair the scratches, and adjust the gap.

导轨(alles cnc) 

3. Hydraulic and lubrication

(1) Clean and change oil to eliminate leakage.

(2) Check and adjust the hydraulic and lubrication systems to repair or replace worn parts.

(3) Replace the oil line and linoleum and repair the lubrication device to achieve clear oil window, smooth oil passage and complete equipment.

液压系统(alles cnc) 

4. Accuracy

Inspection, adjustment, and repair accuracy, to meet product process requirements, if not reached, should be included in the repair plan.

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