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How To Carry Out Maintenance Work On The Hydraulic System Of Hydraulic CNC Machine Tools

Nov 05, 2019


To do the hydraulic system maintenance work of hydraulic CNC machine tools, you first need to select the hydraulic oil. The function of the hydraulic oil is to help the hydraulic system of the equipment transfer pressure, lubrication and cooling. If the hydraulic oil is not selected correctly, it is possible to reduce the durability of the equipment. In order to extend the life of the equipment, the user must choose the right hydraulic oil to work.

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Want to do a good job in the hydraulic system maintenance of hydraulic CNC machine tools, and secondly need to ensure the cleanliness of the system. Whether adding hydraulic oil or overhauling the system, the user needs to be careful not to allow foreign matter to enter the hydraulic system. If there is a foreign object in the system during regular inspection of the system, it is necessary to clean the system in time.


If you want to do the hydraulic system maintenance work of the hydraulic CNC machine, the user needs to do the protection work. The main content of the protection work is to prevent air and moisture from entering the hydraulic system, because both will affect the equipment.

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