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How To Choose A 3 Axis Machining Center

Jan 29, 2021

3 axis machining center The effective processing surface is the top surface of the workpiece, and the horizontal machining center can only use the turntable to complete the four-sided processing of the workpiece. If equipped with a five-axis linkage CNC system, it can also process complex spatial surfaces with high precision. Processing characteristics: The direction of the cutting tool remains unchanged during the movement along the entire cutting path. The cutting state of the tool tip cannot be perfect in real time.

How to choose a 3 axis machining center

3 axis machining center is three axes that move linearly in different directions, namely up and down, left and right, and front and back. The up and down direction is the main shaft, which can rotate at a high speed; the 3-axis machining is processed by linear feed axes X, Y, and Z. The three-axis vertical machining center is the most widely used machining center. The three-axis machining center can perform simple plane processing and can only process one side at a time. The three-axis machining center can process aluminum, wood, lost foam and other materials very well.