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How To Choose The Right CNC Machine

Sep 02, 2019

The selection of CNC machine tools is a comprehensive technical problem. The daily necessities of daily necessities can be thrown away. CNC machine tools can't. Now there are countless kinds of CNC machine tools at home and abroad. If enterprises need to buy CNC machine tools suitable for them, what should be considered when choosing CNC machine tools?

First, the purchase channel

With the continuous development of economy and technology, the machine tool industry has developed a variety of purchase channels, the most important of which are physical store and manufacturer channels, online purchases and exhibition purchases.

Second, purchase skills

There are certain skills in purchasing machine tools. First, we must ensure the technical requirements of the machined parts and be able to process qualified parts. Secondly, it is beneficial to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. Generally consider the structure, load, power, stroke and accuracy of the machine tool. It should also select suitable and economical CNC machine tools for comprehensive consideration based on the material state, technical state requirements and process complexity of the machined parts.

Third, the purchase price

The price of the machine tool largely determines the grade and quality of the machine, so the price is one of the factors that must be considered when purchasing the machine.

Fourth, after sales service

The after-sales service of the manufacturer is also a very important consideration when purchasing the machine. When there is a problem with the machine tool, the manufacturer with excellent after-sales service can respond in time to help the manufacturer solve the machine problem.


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