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How To Choose VMC1160 Machining Center

Aug 24, 2020

How to choose VMC1160 machining center?

Processing capacity

cnc machine center processing capacity

When purchasing processing equipment, processing capacity is often our first consideration. The processing capabilities of CNC machining centers are reflected in three aspects: processing range, processing accuracy, and processing efficiency.

The processing range depends on the three-axis stroke of the machining center. A one-meter (X-axis 1000mm) machining center can complete most of the workpiece processing. The three-axis stroke of the 1160 model is roughly 1100mm×600mm×600mm, and the worktable has a heavy load. Depending on the choice of hard rails and linear rails, different machining tasks such as roughing and precise cutting can be completed.

Machining accuracy usually refers to the degree of compounding of the surface size, shape, position and other parameters of the workpiece with the ideal parameters required by the drawing. The machining accuracy of the machining center is embodied in two parameter indexes of positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy. The positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy of VMC1160 machining center range from 0.006mm to 0.008mm, which is only one tenth of adult human hair.

Machining efficiency is another big selling point of CNC machining centers. The spindle speed and power configuration of the machining center directly determine the machining efficiency of the entire equipment. The rated power of the VMC1160 machining center is 5.7-7.5kw, which is fully compatible with the spindle speed above 8000rpm/min. It can achieve the effect of "cutting iron like mud".

Core accessories

CNC machine center core accessories

The main accessories of the machining center are spindle, tool magazine, and CNC system.

The spindle is an important core component of the machining center. As mentioned earlier, the accuracy of the workpiece surface is closely related to the spindle. The quality of the spindle even determines the processing capacity of the whole machine. The main shaft of the machining center configured by our company has the characteristics of high speed, high rigidity and large torque. It can also be equipped with an optional center outlet assembly for you. Shandong ALLES Energy TechnologyCo.,ltd machine tools can configure spindles of different brands and performances according to the different processing conditions of customers to ensure your processing results.

The tool magazine is the actual operation part of the machining center, and all the processes need the tools in the tool magazine to complete. Tool magazines can be divided into hat type tool magazines and disc type tool magazines. Because the hat-type tool magazine has a manipulator that can complete automatic tool change and can prepare the tools for the next stage in advance, it is more commonly used.

The CNC system is the brain of the machining center, and all the processing operations are completed by programming the CNC system. At present, the domestic CNC system is in good condition and is widely used in high-end CNC machining center equipment.

Manufacturer strength

When purchasing VMC1160 machining center equipment, you should not just look at the price of the equipment but also comprehensively consider the strength of the manufacturer. It is recommended to go on-site inspection before purchasing and take the rough parts to the actual test pieces to further understand the processing capabilities of the equipment. In addition, pay special attention to the after-sales service of the manufacturer. The processing center is a maintenance of consumable equipment and the replacement of parts is inevitable. The manufacturer who can solve the after-sales problem in time is trustworthy.

If you have the intention to purchase a large-stroke VMC1160 machining center, you can contact us. You only need to send us your processing requirements, and our professional technical sales team will configure the model that is most suitable for your machining center.

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