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How To Know The Cnc Flange Drilling

Aug 07, 2019

Among the many drill presses, cnc flange drilling machine are also important and use a drill press in a variety of industries. What is it like? What does it do? Now let's take a look at the footsteps of ALLES CNC.

flande drilling machine

The flange drilling machine is composed of a main engine, a cooling system, a hydraulic system and an electrical control system. Can process a variety of apertures, and can adapt to a variety of workpieces. Mainly used in valves, pipelines, chemical equipment and other industries, high precision, easy to operate, is the main equipment for flange processing. The machine tool is a dual-power head high-pressure cooling high-speed drilling and milling equipment. The two power heads are independent of each other, separated independently, and are independent working units in the course of work. This structure enhances both efficiency and strength and stability. The equipment is positioned accurately, the Y-axis and W-axis are two-axis CNC, the Z-axis is manual, the workpiece can be accurately positioned in the center line of the working area, the drilling and milling work is completed, and the feed speed can be adjusted. When the drill bit is away from the workpiece, the drill bit is fast. Feed, when the drill bit is close to the workpiece, it is changed to slow speed. The electrical control system uses centralized central control. The lubrication system adopts the distributed lubrication method, which is simple in structure and convenient to use and maintain. Equipped with automatic chip conveyor and high pressure cooling system. While completing its own work, it can also improve production efficiency and processing quality. The machine has good rigidity and stability and can ensure long-term work.

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