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How To Realize Control And Dressing Of Grinding Wheels On CNC Grinding Machines

Apr 29, 2019

CNC grinding machine, which is a kind of grinding machine

1. Which types are more common and commonly used in CNC grinding machines?

CNC grinding machines, which are a large category of grinding machines, can be reclassified. In general, CNC grinders can be divided into five types: CNC internal grinders, CNC cylindrical grinders, CNC surface grinders, CNC centerless grinders, and CNC universal grinders. Among them, the more commonly used ones are the CNC internal grinder and the CNC external grinder.

2. What are the key components for the control of the CNC grinder?

In NC grinding machines, if you want to control this function, then the key component is the program control system, or PLC. With the CNC system grinding machine, the surface of the workpiece can be automatically ground to obtain a good machining effect.

3. What are the differences between ordinary grinders and CNC grinders? In addition, is there a special grinding wheel dressing device in the CNC grinding machine?

The difference between ordinary grinders and CNC grinders is that the ordinary grinder is a one-axis motor, while the CNC grinder is a multi-axis servo motor. In addition, on a grinder such as a CNC grinding machine, there is a device that specializes in dressing the grinding wheel. So on question two, the answer is yes