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Impact Of The Epidemic On Machine Tools

Mar 05, 2020

Doing good maintenance can keep the machining accuracy of the machine in the best state, extend the service life, and adopt the correct startup and commissioning method for the CNC machine tools. In the face of new challenges, it can show a good working state, improve production efficiency and machining results.


CNC machine tool maintenance

There are many types of CNC machine tools. Each type of CNC machine tool has different characteristics due to its different functions, structures, and systems. Its maintenance content and rules also have their own characteristics, and the necessary maintenance system should be formulated and established according to the type, model and actual use of the machine tool, and by referring to the instructions of the machine tool manual. The following are some common and common maintenance points of SHANDNG ALLES ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.


1. Machine tool cleaning: clean the workpieces, jigs, iron chips, etc. in the machine tool, iron chips in the external chip removal machine, wipe out the external sheet metal, and clean the air filter of the electric control box and oil filter of the oil cooler.

2. Anti-rust treatment: clean the workbench and wipe it with rust-proof oil; run the machine slowly for one hour to lubricate the rails; if the cutting fluid needs to be replaced, give priority to anti-rust treatment, and add it when the machine needs to work. Cutting fluid.

3. Do a good job in the workshop to cut off power, gas, and fluid: Run the Y-axis of the CNC machine tool to the middle, return the Z-axis to zero, and turn off the machine's main electrical switch, transformer inlet switch, and air source.

4. Waterproof and moisture-proof: close the electrical box for protection.

5. Anti-rat treatment for machine tools: The machine tool also does anti-rat treatment to prevent rats from biting off the wires.


Commissioning of CNC machine tools

NC machine tool is a kind of high-tech mechatronics equipment. It is very important to adopt the correct way to start up and debug, which largely determines whether the NC machine tool can exert normal economic benefits and its own service life.

1. Check before starting: Check the peripheral environment of the machine, whether there is any abnormal phenomenon such as water in the electrical box, and whether the oil has deteriorated.

2. Start up step by step: Before starting the machine, you must check the power supply voltage of the machine tool. Be sure to turn on the power switch of the machine tool after the main power switch has been turned on for about 10 minutes before turning on the power switch of the machine tool, and then check whether the voltage is missing. The phase sum is too low. Turn on the power of the machine tool in the absence of abnormal conditions and observe whether there is any abnormal phenomenon or air leakage. Do not perform any action when there is no alarm when the machine is turned on, and let the electrical components be energized for 30min.

3. Slow motion: Check for interference, move the machine tool with the handwheel all the way, pay attention to any abnormalities, and then perform the origin return step.

4. Machine tool break-in: Automatically run the machine at a slow speed for a long time, and rotate the spindle at a low speed.

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