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Important Day

Jul 10, 2019

July 10, 2019, is an important day for ALLES CNC. Because this day ALLES CNC returned to Southeast Asia customers and reached an opportunity to cooperate again.


In this day of exchange and discussion, ALLES CNC received the largest recognition from customers. The customer is a leader in the Transmission Line industry and has purchased the CNC Angle punching marking cutting system, which is used primarily in the power transmission and substation and communications industries, in the construction industry for tower manufacturing and metal structure production, for marking and drilling processes. It can realize the precise movement of the machine tool and reduce the labor intensity of the workers.


The customer's return visit, the customer trusts ALLES CNC, and is even more impressed with the service of ALLES CNC, and believes in ALLES CNC's products. Therefore, it has reached an opportunity of cooperation with customers and looks forward to mutual cooperation and win-win.

Important day

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