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Interpolation A

Oct 12, 2019


The interpolation calculation is based on the input basic data, such as the linear end point coordinate value, the arc starting point, the center of the circle, the end point coordinate value, the feed speed, etc., through calculation, the shape of the workpiece contour is described, and the calculation result is calculated according to the calculation result. A feed command is issued to each coordinate. Interpolation is actually the work of data densification based on limited information. Whether it is hardware numerical control or CNC numerical control, the interpolation module is indispensable. The module or device that can complete the interpolation function is called interpolator. Generally, the computer numerical control system has a linear and circular interpolation function, that is, interpolating the coordinate values of each point between the starting point and the end point.


Interpolation: A method of determining some intermediate points between known points of a contour based on a given feed rate and contour trajectory.


Interpolation is the most important computing task in computer numerical control. Interpolation calculations must be real-time, that is, computational tasks must be completed in a limited amount of time. The running time and calculation accuracy of the interpolator affect the performance of the entire CNC system.


Interpolator: The device that performs the interpolation work:

  • Hardware interpolator: The operation speed is fast, but the flexibility is poor.

  • Software Interpolator: Speed is affected by CPU speed and interpolation algorithm.

  • Software and hardware hybrid interpolation.


The composition of the tool path:

  • Lines and arcs are basic interpolation trajectories;

  • Other curve contours can be approximated by the line and arc fold line fit.


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