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Introduction To Maintenance Methods Of Ultrasonic Mask Machine

Jun 01, 2020

Introduction to maintenance methods of ultrasonic mask machine

The maintenance and repair of the plane mask machine is very important. The maintenance of the plane mask machine can bring the mask machine better work, more safety and higher efficiency, so how should we do it when performing maintenance on the plane mask machine?

The plane mask machine can be maintained according to the following aspects, and it is necessary to shut down during the maintenance process:

1. Ultrasonic system

Check whether the system of the ultrasonic mask machine is kept clean, especially the ultrasonic electric box, vibrator (transducer) and welding head must be dry and clean without water, and the connection line must be firm and frequent to check the wear of the ultrasonic welding head Pay attention to the change scale of the pointers of the voltmeter and ammeter on the ultrasonic electric box.

2. Appearance

Masks are used to wear on the face, and medical masks need to enter the operating room, so the production of masks requires neat cleaning of the mask machine equipment. Every day after work, you need to arrange personnel to shut down the mask machine equipment after power off. Wash the work surface and the plate with masks on it. Note that you can't use water to clean, and use alcohol and other non-toxic and volatile cleaning liquid to clean the equipment.

3. Transmission system

The transmission system includes motors, gears, reducers, sprockets, chains, conveyor belts and other components. We must check whether the motor has dust and other things attached to it and affect heat dissipation. Whether the gears and sprockets are oiled. If there are attachments, they should be Clean up, is the chain tightness appropriate? Is there any foreign matter not cleaned up? Is there any looseness in the connecting screws between the transmission parts? The lubricating oil of the reducer is not enough, usually the machine needs to be replaced once in 1000-1500 hours .

4. Anti-rust

The equipment must not stick to corrosive liquids and objects. Sweat can easily cause equipment parts to rust. If the equipment does not work for a long time, it is necessary to apply anti-rust oil to the transmission system of the mask and components that are prone to rust.

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