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Is It More Powerful Than A Machine? Share A Little Knowledge About Machine Tool Scraping (1)

May 09, 2019

If you see the workers in the ALLES CNC factory doing the scraping by hand, you may be able to help but wonder: "What are they doing? Use manual methods to improve the current CNC machining. The surface?" In fact, when you have this kind of doubt, there is a problem that has already surfaced in your mind: Is it more powerful than a machine? the answer is negative.

Special craftsmanship in finishing

Under common circumstances, it is difficult for humans to compete with machines in the field of CNC machining. However, machines also have their drawbacks. There is a common problem with all machining precision in the world: they will only lose without increasing. Even CNC machines with higher precision can only machine machines with lower precision than themselves. Therefore, if you want to make a machine that is more accurate than the original machine, you need to make artificial efforts. And this so-called "artificial effort" is to study. Of course, in the CNC machining industry, we are researching and categorizing it into mechanical finishing.

Machine tool scraping

What is scraping?

The traditional craftsmanship that was handed down from the industrial revolution two hundred years ago is a metalworking technique that cannot be replaced by machines. The machine tool scraping is the mechanical two moving surface shovel straight, shovel flat, shovel uniform, the point line surface formed by the scraping of the CNC track slide helps the machine to move accurately, and also allows the lubricating oil to play an intermediary function, avoiding early wear and reducing the machinery. life. To put it simply, ten people like the height hold the door panel to share the weight evenly. If someone kneels down and does not bear the strength, others are tired because of the weight concentration...

In more professional terms, scraping is done by hand-operating method using a doctor blade, a reference surface, a measuring tool and a display agent, while grinding and grinding, the workpiece is brought to the specified size and geometry of the process. A finishing process required for surface roughness and adhesion. Because the tools used are simple, the versatility is strong, the machining allowance is small, and the precision is very high, it is widely used in the manufacture of machines and tools and the repair of mechanical equipment. Usually, the guide rails of the machine tool, the carriage, and the bearing bush of the sliding bearing are all finished by scraping.

Most of the mechanical equipment of ALLES CNC MACHINE will be applied to the scraping technology. The workers who work in this work are all responsible and their superb scraping technology will ensure the precision of every mechanical equipment. Degree reached a new indicator.

Machine tool scraping2

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