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Is The Standard More Efficient Than The High-speed CNC Plate Drilling Machine

Sep 04, 2019

The CNC Plate Drilling Machine consists of a bed and a longitudinal slide, a chip conveyor, a hydraulic system, a cooling momm system, a centralized lubrication system, an electrical system, and a pneumatic system. Suitable for two kinds of CNC plane drilling machines for tube sheet processing and steel structure processing.

plate drilling machine(alles cnc)

The high-speed CNC Plate Drilling Machine has a spindle speed of 30-3000r/min and a standard CNC Plate Drilling Machine with a speed of 560. At the same time, the speed can be increased by changing the configuration according to customer requirements. The special servo spindle motor is used, and the spindle end is divided into BT40 and BT50 taper holes. The workpiece after high-precision spindle machining is smoother. The tool can perform many functions such as milling, drilling and tapping.

The standard CNC Plate Drilling Machine features a power head hydraulic control structure for fast forward, normal speed and high efficiency. The workpiece processed by the hydraulic power spindle is slightly rough. Use a twist drill for drilling only.

The processing efficiency of each machine is not determined by the machine itself, but by the industry that cooperates with the workpiece to be processed. The industry requires different machines.

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