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Key Discrimination Method Of Circular Interpolation Principle

Oct 21, 2019

End point discrimination


The method of judging the end point of circular interpolation is the same as that of linear interpolation. The total number of steps taken from the start point to the end point X and Y axes can be stored in a counter. Each step is taken, and 1 is subtracted from Σ, and when Σ=0, the end arrival signal is issued. You can also select the number of steps taken by a coordinate as the end point. Note that you should select the coordinate with the smaller coordinate value in the end point coordinates. Since the value given by the machining program of the part is always in millimeters, the length in millimeters must be divided by the pulse equivalent during initialization to be rounded up and converted into the digital quantity of the pulse.

alles cnc-1 

Linear interpolation calculation for different quadrants

First quadrant

Second quadrant

Third quadrant

Fourth quadrant

Ii  symbol

Ji  symbol

X axis electric motor

Clockwise circle

Reverse circle

Y axis electric motor

Clockwise circle

Reverse circle

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