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KN95 Mask Machine Semi-automatic Production Line

May 11, 2020

This KN95 mask machine semi-automatic production line equipment is mainly composed of KN95 semi-automatic tableting machine, KN95 semi-automatic welding machine and KN95 semi-automatic edge banding machine, mainly used for the production of disposable KN95 mask. The operation is simple and easy to use, and the error rate is low, which is convenient for manual maintenance and scale adjustment. The main production process is: multi-station non-woven fabric feeding -----> roller conveying -----> mask folding -----> placement of nose bridge -----> automatic cutting --- -> Mask forming -----> Mask stacking -----> Ear strap welding (manual) -----> Semi-finished product stacking -----> Ultrasonic edge banding of masks (manual)- ---> Finished products stacking.

KN95 semi-automatic ear loop welding machine


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