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Machine Center And CNC Milling Machine

Dec 30, 2019

cnc machine center

CNC machine center and CNC milling machine both use CNC to control the operation of the machine tool for processing, and all control methods are the same. The structure of the machine tool is also basically the same. The only difference is that the CNC machine center is equipped with a knife. Library, and CNC milling machine does not have a tool magazine.


In addition, the inspection standards of CNC machine center and CNC milling machine are also slightly different. Relatively speaking, the positioning accuracy and inspection standards of CNC milling machine are lower than CNC machine center. Generally speaking, CNC milling machines are controlled by three axes, and CNC machine center Yes can be added to four-axis and five-axis control.


But with the development of the machine tool industry, these differences are gradually broken. The CNC milling machine has a tool magazine with 4 stations. This machine tool is very clever to place the tool magazine on the machine's spindle box. The appearance is beautiful and simple. Generous, easy to maintain, easy to use, CNC system can be freely selected according to customer requirements.


In short, everything is for the user, to find the right product for the user.



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