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Machining Range Of CNC Milling Machine

Apr 29, 2019

(1) plane processing: NC machine milling plane can be divided into the horizontal plane of the workpiece (XY) processing, the XZ processing of the workpiece and the side plane (YZ) of the workpiece. As long as the use of two axis and half controlled CNC milling machine can finish such a plane milling.

(2) surface machining: if milling complex surfaces, three axis or even more axis linkage CNC milling machines are needed.

Equipment of CNC milling machine

(1) jig: the general fixture of CNC milling machine has flat jaw, magnetic sucker and press plate device. In the process of processing, large batch or complex shape, the combined fixture should be designed. If pneumatic and hydraulic jig are used, the work efficiency and labor intensity can be further improved if the fixture is controlled by program control and the workpiece is automatically installed.

(2) tool: commonly used milling cutter has vertical milling cutter, end milling cutter, formed milling cutter and hole cutting tool.