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Main Functions Of CNC Milling Machine

May 28, 2018

(1) point position control function: the point position control of the CNC milling machine is mainly used for the machining of the holes of the workpiece, such as the center drilling, drilling, reaming, countersinking, reaming and boring.

(2) continuous control function: milling and processing the plane and curved surface of workpiece by linear interpolation, circular interpolation or complex curve interpolation motion of CNC milling machine.

(3) tool radius compensation function: if it is directly programmed according to the contour line of the workpiece, the actual contour line will increase the value of a tool radius when the outline is processed in the workpiece; when the workpiece is processed, the actual contour is also smaller than a tool radius value. Using the method of tool radius compensation, the CNC system automatically calculates the center track of the tool, and makes the tool center deviate from the radius value of the workpiece contour, thus processing the contour that meets the requirements of the drawing. Using the function of tool radius compensation, the tool radius compensation can be changed, the tool wear and machining error can be compensated, and the rough machining and finishing of the workpiece can be realized.

(4) tool length compensation function: the change of the length of the cutter can compensate the deviation of the length after the tool change, and change the plane position of the cutting process, and control the precision of the axial orientation of the tool.

(5) fixed cycle machining function: the application of fixed cycle processing instruction can simplify the processing program and reduce the workload of programming.

(6) subroutine function: if the workpiece shape is the same or similar part, it is written as subroutine and called by the main program, thus simplifying the program structure. The function of subroutine is used to modularized the processing program. It is divided into several modules according to the process process. It is written into a subroutine, which is called by the main program, and completes the processing of the workpiece. This modular program is easy to process and debug and optimize the processing technology.