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Aug 28, 2019

Daily maintenance

1. Daily cleaning and cleaning of machine tool dust iron scraps: including machine control panel, spindle taper hole, tool cart, cutter head and taper shank, tool magazine arm and tool holder, turret; XY axis sheet metal shield, machine tool Inner flexible hose, tank chain device, chip groove, etc.;

2. Check the lubricant level to ensure the lubrication of the machine;

3. Check if the coolant in the coolant tank is sufficient, not enough to add it in time;

4. Check if the air pressure is normal;

5. Check if the air blowing in the taper hole of the spindle is normal, wipe the cone inside the spindle with a clean cotton cloth, and spray light oil;

6. Clean the tool pocket and the tool, especially the claws;

7. Check all the signal lights, whether the warning lights are normal;

8. Check the oil pressure unit tube for leakage;

9. The cleaning and cleaning work is carried out after the daily work of the machine tool is completed;

10. Keep the environment around the machine clean and tidy.

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Weekly maintenance

1. Clean the air filter of the heat exchanger, the cooling pump and the lubricating oil pump filter;

2. Check if the tool pull bolt is loose and the knife handle is clean;

3. Check if the origin of the three-axis machine is offset;

4. Check whether the tool change arm movement or the tool magazine cutter disk rotation is smooth;

5. If there is oil cooler to check oil-cooled engine oil, if it is lower than the scale line, please add oil-cooled oil in time;

6. Clean the impurities and water in the compressed gas, check the oil quantity in the oil mist separator, check whether the working of each solenoid valve is normal, check the sealing performance in the pneumatic system, because the quality of the pneumatic system directly affects the replacement. Knife and lubrication system;

7. Prevent dust and dirt from entering the inside of the numerical control device. In the air of the machine shop, there are usually oil mist, dust and even metal powder. Once they fall on the circuit board or electronic device in the CNC system, it is easy to cause the insulation resistance between the components to drop, and even cause damage to components and circuit boards. .

Monthly maintenance

1. Detecting the lubrication of the shaft track, the track surface must ensure good lubrication;

2. Check and clean the limit switch and the bump block;

3. Check if the oil cup oil of the knife cylinder is sufficient, and it is not enough to add it in time;

4. Check if the sign and warning nameplate on the machine are clear and exist.

Half year maintenance

1. Disassemble the shaft anti-dust shield, clean the shaft oil pipe joint, ball lead screw, three-axis limit switch, and check whether it is normal. Check whether the hard-arc scraper of each axis is in good condition;

2. Check whether the servo motor and head of each axis are running normally, and whether there is abnormal sound;

3. Replace the oil pressure unit oil and the tool magazine speed reduction mechanism oil;

4. Test the clearance of each axis and adjust the compensation amount if necessary;

5. Clean the dust inside the electric box (make sure the machine is in the closed state);

6. Comprehensively check whether the contacts, connectors, sockets and switches are normal;

7. Check that all buttons are sensitive and normal;

8. Check and adjust the mechanical level;

9. Clean the cutting water tank and replace the cutting fluid.

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