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Mechanical Maintenance Experience

Dec 26, 2019

Question 1: How should the CNC machine chip conveyor be maintained in winter to extend the life of the chip conveyor?


Question 2: How to select machine guide rail oil, metal cutting fluid, hydraulic oil, and grease.


Question 3: There are many types of CNC machine tools, because of their different functions, structures, and systems, each has different characteristics.

Its maintenance content and rules also have their own characteristics, and should be based on the type, model and actual use of the machine tool, and refer to the requirements of the machine tool manual to formulate and establish the necessary regular and graded maintenance system.


Maintenance points:

1. Make sure that the cutting oil pump of the CNC machine tool works normally. The machine tool must be warmed up before working.

2. The fluidity of cutting oil of CNC machine tools must be guaranteed. The purpose of this is to avoid the condensation of CNC machine tools due to the low temperature. The cutting oil supply system is not smooth and the tools are not cooled in time, which causes the tools to wear quickly.

3. If the cutting oil was cleaned from the oil tank the day before, the next day's work must not be forgotten to refill the oil tank with cutting oil, and the low speed operation of the machine needs to be ensured. This can effectively ensure cutting The oil cools the tool normally.

4. Workers need to clean up the impurities in the cutting oil in time. This can effectively avoid the blockage inside the spindle, so as not to cause the cold cycle of the CNC machine tool to be blocked.

5. Clean the chips in the machine tool in time to avoid the blockage of the oil drainage system or the stroke obstacle caused by the accumulation, which may even cause the machine tool to malfunction.

6. After the workers in the workshop, if the cutting oil cannot be guaranteed to condense at room temperature, the method is to clear the cutting oil, and the cutting oil in the spindle and the machine must be excluded to prevent the equipment from being blocked or broken due to the condensation of the cutting oil. .

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