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New Requirements For The Development Of CNC Machine Tools

Aug 30, 2019

High-speed, precision, composite, intelligent and green are the general trends in the development of CNC machine tools. ALLES CNC takes you to understand the new requirements of high-tech industry development for precision, high-efficiency and special CNC machine tools.

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High-speed, precision, composite, intelligent and green are the general trends in the development of CNC machine tools. In recent years, we have achieved gratifying results in terms of practicality and industrialization. The concept of “one machine tool is a processing plant” and “one installation, complete processing” is being accepted by more people, and the development of CNC machine tools is showing a diversified situation. The development of high-tech industries such as electronic information, bioengineering, new energy and new materials has opened up new demands for precision, high-efficiency and special-purpose CNC machine tools.

1. High-speed, precise CNC Plate Drilling Machine. The CNC system adopts the Spanish FAGOR8055 system, and is equipped with RS232 interface and LCD liquid crystal display. The upper computer is managed. The drilling coordinates can realize the direct conversion of CAD/CAM, which is convenient for programming, storage, display and communication. The operation interface has man-machine dialogue. Error compensation, automatic alarm and other functions. Mainly meet the needs of steel structures, bridges, ships, nuclear power, wind power and other industries.

2. High-speed, high-precision high-speed CNC Drilling and Milling Machine and high-speed, high-precision CNC Deep Hole Drilling Machine. It mainly meets the drilling and milling of plate-type workpieces in steel structures such as buildings, bridges and iron towers. It can also be used for pipe drilling, baffle drilling and circular flange drilling of boilers and petrochemical industries. Light milling for drilling through holes, blind holes, stepped holes, hole chamfering and milling of workpieces.

3, Worktable Movable Gantry Type Milling Machine, high-precision CNC Beam Drilling Machine, CNC H-Beam Drilling Machine door This kind of products meet the processing needs of construction, bridge, transportation, construction, metallurgy, engineering machinery, electric power, mold and other industries.

4, CNC Rotation Band Saws Machine, mainly for the workpieces used for sawing H-beam, channel steel, box beam, round steel and other sections, superior performance, narrow sawing, material saving, high cutting precision, high power Cutting, easy operation, real-time display of processing procedures and parameter information, intelligent and automatic processing, high production efficiency.

5. CNC special-purpose machine tools and CNC Angle Steel Production Line: CNC Angle Steel Production Line and special CNC machine tools. The CNC angle steel production line is mainly used for processing angle steel towers in the power transmission and communication industry. It can also be used in construction industry, railway and bridge engineering. Stamping, punching and cutting process of angle steel components.

In recent years, the development of a number of major equipment supported by the state, such as large-scale power generation, power transmission and transformation equipment, large-scale petrochemical and coal chemical equipment, mining and mining equipment, and complete sets of rolling equipment, represented by construction machinery, civil aviation aircraft and engines. Etc., it is necessary to provide a large number of heavy-duty, precision, multi-coordinate, high-efficiency, special CNC machine tools for processing. The development needs of national major equipment have pointed out the direction for the development of CNC machine tool industry. Therefore, we must seize strategic opportunities and accelerate development in a relatively long period of time and relatively broad space.

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