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Ordinary Milling Machine Maintenance Specifications

Sep 19, 2019

Ordinary Milling Machine maintenance specifications

Gantry Type Milling Machine

First, daily maintenance:

1. Pre-class maintenance:

(1) Check important parts.

(2) Wipe the exposed rail surface and lubricate the parts as specified.

(3) Check whether the weeping system is normal or not. Check each oil level, not less than the oil mark, and add oil to each part.

2. After class maintenance:

(1) Clean the bed and parts, clean the iron filings and the surrounding environment.

(2) Wipe the machine.

(3) Cleaners, clamps, and measuring tools.

(4) The ministries are in place.

Second, regular maintenance of various parts:

1. Bed and appearance:

(1) Wipe the work table, the guide surface of the bed, the screws, the surface and the dead angle of the machine tool, the operating handles and the handwheel.

(2) Deburring of the guide surface. (3) Clean and free of oil.

(4) Remove the cleaning oil felt and remove the iron scrap.

(5) Remove the corrosion of each part, protect the painted surface, and do not collide.

(6) The surface of the equipment, the sliding surface of the equipment, the handles of the handwheels, and other parts exposed to the outside should be covered with oil.

2, the headstock:

(1) Clean and well lubricated.

(2) The drive shaft has no axial movement.

(3) Clean and change oil.

(4) Replace worn parts.

(5) Check that the adjustment clutch, screw joint, insert, and pressure plate are tight.

3. Workbench and lifting platform:

(1) Clean and well lubricated.

(2) Adjust the gap of the clamp.

(3) Check and tighten the table platen screws, and check and tighten the button handle screw.

(4) Adjust the nut clearance.

(5) Clean the hand pressure oil pump.

(6) Clear the rail surface burrs.

(7) Repair or replace the worn parts. Clean the adjustment table, the screw handle and the column inserts.

4. Workbench gearbox

(1) Clean.

(2) Good lubrication.

(3) Clean and change oil.

(4) The drive shaft is not moving.

(5) Replace worn parts.

5. Cooling system:

(1) All departments are clean and the pipeline is unblocked.

(2) There is no precipitated iron in the cooling tank.

(3) Clean the coolant tank.

(4) Replace the coolant.

6, lubrication system:

(1) Fill the grease nipple, guide surface, wire rod and other lubrication parts with lubricating oil.

(2) Check the oil level of the spindle tooth box and the feed tooth box, and refuel to the level position.

(3) The oil is clean, the oil passage is smooth, the linoleum is effective, and the oil mark is conspicuous. (4) Clean the oil pump.

(5) Replace the lubricant.

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