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Plane Drilling Model

Jul 25, 2019

The plane drilling process is numerically controlled, with high efficiency, high precision, convenient programming and simple operation. The whole machine has good rigidity and high stability, which can ensure long-term work.


Planar drills fall into two broad categories: one is a high speed flat drill and the other is a normal (low speed) flat drill.High-speed plane drills are mainly used for drilling and milling of plate-type workpieces in steel structures such as buildings, bridges and iron towers. They can also be used for tube sheets, baffles and circular flange drilling and light milling in boiler and petrochemical industries. machining. For example: ALLES CNC ALPHD1016 model, this product is used to drill through holes, blind holes, step holes, hole end chamfering and milling of workpieces. The maximum processing range is 1600×1600mm. The machine adopts the numerical control ram type power head (Z-axis), and the stroke is preset according to the workpiece, which can realize the automatic conversion of the drill bit fast-work-return, and has the advantages of high processing efficiency, simple structure and low maintenance cost. Compact structure, easy to use and easy to maintain. High-precision motion pairs such as precision linear roller guides and precision ball screws are equipped with automatic lubrication systems. At the same time, it is equipped with a hydraulic knife cylinder, which is very convenient for loading and unloading tools. The spindle is driven by a high-power spindle motor through a timing belt. The spindle speed is 30-3000r/min and the speed range is wide.


Ordinary plane drills are mainly used for the processing of flanges, heat exchangers, and tube sheets. They are also used for drilling and milling of plate-type workpieces in steel structures such as buildings, bridges, and iron towers. For example: ALPZ2016 in ALLES CNC's ALPZ series, mainly including bed and longitudinal slides, gantry and transverse slides, vertical feed drilling power head, chip conveyor, hydraulic system, cooling system, centralized lubrication system, electrical system, Pneumatic system and other components. With the electronic handwheel control, when the first hole is set to the feed position, the other holes of the same type can be drilled to realize the procedure of fast forward → work forward → fast reverse. Therefore, a large amount of time is saved during the processing, the production efficiency is greatly improved, and automatic chip breaking, chip retreat, pause, broken bit protection, and manual hole jumping function are also provided. The main shaft is driven by a high-power dedicated variable frequency motor through a timing belt. The spindle speed is 30 to 560 r/min and the speed range is wide.


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