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Aug 05, 2019

In many drilling machines, the drum drill is a special existence. How does it exist? Let's take a look at the footsteps of ALLES CNC!

CNC BOILER BARREL DRILLING MACHINE is mainly used for the drilling of drums and similar parts. The drums and similar parts are machined on this machine. The whole drilling process is completed automatically. The drill is automatically cooled and the chips are automatically removed, which is extremely convenient to operate.

CNC BOILER BARREL DRILLING MACHINE is ideal for drilling holes in drum parts.

What are its characteristics?

    1. It consists of bed, bed head, bed tail, lower support, hydraulic chuck, longitudinal slide, drilling power head, hydraulic slide, front clamping device, rear support, chip removal and cooling, hydraulic system, electrical System, laser line device, etc.

   2. The machine bed is mainly used to carry the workpiece. A fixed bed head is installed at one end of the bed, and two rectangular guide rails are laid on the plane of the bed, and the tail of the bed can be slid on the top, and the hydraulic three-jaw chuck is installed on the bed and the tail of the bed, so that the drum can be automatically centered and clamped.

3. A linear rolling guide pair is installed on one side of the machine bed, which is mainly used to carry the longitudinal movement of the drilling power head. The machine has three independent drilling power heads, which are respectively moved longitudinally on the bed by the longitudinal slide and the hydraulic slide. The power head can realize the self-control stroke through the hydraulic slide, realizing the automatic conversion of fast forward and work advance. Saves time and increases efficiency.

4.CNC BOILER BARREL DRILLING MACHINE is equipped with front clamping and rear support, which can realize adaptive hydraulic tightening on the front and rear of the drum after the chuck is clamped to the drum, which improves the drilling rigidity of the drum.

5.CNC BOILER BARREL DRILLING MACHINE configuration of linear rolling guides, rack and pinion, precision reducer, servo motor, drive and other electrical components, are world-renowned brand manufacturers, so the reliability of the whole machine is very high, less failure, boot The rate is high.

Wow! CNC BOILER BARREL DRILLING MACHINE has so many advantages. Want to know more about CNC BOILER BARREL DRILLING MACHINE? Please click on SHADONG ALLES ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. We are looking forward to your inquiry with 24 hours of online service.

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