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Precautions For CNC Beam Drilling Machine

Jan 20, 2020

cnc beam drilling machine

CNC beam drilling machine, in some basic precautions, functions and operations, it mainly includes:

(1) Before using this equipment, it is necessary to check the voltage, oil quantity and lubrication, etc., mainly to see whether the voltage is normal and whether the oil quantity is sufficient. In addition, it is also necessary to see if the tooling fixtures are intact.

(2) After the equipment is powered on and started, it is necessary to perform the mechanical zero return operation and then perform the trial operation for 5 minutes.

(3) For the procedures of programming, parameter setting, action sequencing, and tool protection related to switch protection, it should be checked whether they are accurate and without problems.

(4) For cutting tools, test cutting should be performed correctly to ensure the correct use of cutting tools.

(5) When the equipment is processed, some safety protection devices should be able to play its due role.

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