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Precision And Stability Of Flat Bed CNC Lathe

Oct 10, 2020

How to Strengthen the Precision and Stability of Flat Bed Linear Track CNC Lathe?

With the rapid development of modern manufacturing, flat bed linear-track CNC lathes are more and more widely used, and at the same time their accuracy requirements and stability requirements are getting higher and higher. The original precision ball screw type semi-closed loop control The system has been unable to achieve the work effect required by the user. The transmission errors generated under this kind of working system and the thermal deformation errors of the transmission structure of the machine tool at high speed are likely to cause large errors in machining accuracy, and they have seriously affected the machining accuracy and stability of the machine tool.

1. The current linear grating ruler performs full closed-loop control of the linear coordinate axes of the flat bed linear rail CNC lathe, which can greatly reduce the above-mentioned errors, improve the positioning accuracy, repeat positioning accuracy and accuracy reliability of the machine tool, as a The important parts of machine tool position accuracy are increasingly popular among users.

2. Linear rolling guides meet high-speed requirements, reduce frictional resistance and temperature rise deformation, improve machine tool accuracy, and ensure the long-term stability of machine tool processing.

3. Rolling friction, fast speed, low resistance, convenient lubrication, and can also improve the accuracy and stability of the CNC lathe.

4. The flat bed linear rail CNC lathe guide rail and the bed are integral castings. The guide rail is sliding friction, with good rigidity and strong bearing capacity, which makes the machine tool more accurate and stable.

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